STRATO® is the new EVA interlayer (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), a polymer used for a wide range of applications in different industrial sectors.

Produced in Italy by Satinal Spa, it guarantees high quality processings and optimal results, widely satisfying the global market.

The application of STRATO® is, indeed, a delicate process requiring specific temperatures and processing times. For this reason, quality controls made by the company allow to achieve the perfect adhesion of the material on the glass plate.
The knowledge of this EVA interlayer is essential to understand all its possible applications and the advantages it offers. Being a crosslinked material (thermoset), STRATO® can be applied on security glasses for architecture and for interior design without incurring in the delamination process.

STRATO® is a very versatile product, it is present in many products used in everyday life. From being employed in the footwear sector as cushioning material, to being inserted into electric cables as insulator, it is a material with numerous advantages for its own characteristics.

STRATO® is, indeed, a crosslinked material (thermoset) which can be applied on glasses for architecture and interiors without incurring in the delamination process.

  • Security –  EVA interlayer is used for the lamination of the glass, making it a security glass according to the UNI EN ISO 12543-4:2011 certification.
  • Resistance to high moisture – Not being a material sensitive to water and moisture, it does not require other protections (such as sealants) even in external glasses.
  • Resistance to high temperatures – STRATO® interlayer, if correctly processed, becomes highly crosslinked: this means that its performances does not change even when it is subject to high temperatures.