S-LAB: research and education

A product of top quality is nothing without a very high service level.

In Satinal is active a Research&Development Lab devoted to the control of all production phases of STRATO® and its technical characteristics.
Daily, engineers and professional technicians do various tests in order to obtain a product which can be matched and compatible with different materials and which can guarantee to architects and glassmakers the maximum output on projects and final realization.

Machineries for the test on the material’s reaction when in high temperatures, kettles for test on high moisture, instruments for traction tests, on ageing from exposure to UV rays and for the measuring of crosslinking degree of STRATO® interlayer: they all allow to understand every secret of the material in order to use it efficiently.

Satinal labs are a guarantee of quality and they and demonstrate the desire to achieve the best result.

Not only technical exams, but also education: in the S-LAB area there are planned courses and launches directed to freelance professionals and companies wanting to keep informed on the possible processings of this product – in continuous evolution – and on the news og this sector.

Satinal, also, make use of University Research Centres of the territory that deal with the study and engineering of the materials. This allows to complement the expertise of the company staff with the Know-How of experts and scientists of the sector, to add new improvements to STRATO® products.