STRATO® is certified according to European (UNI EN ISO) and American (SGCC-ANSI) standards by passing the tests relating to resistance to high temperature, high humidity and solar radiation in construction application.


Moreover it has carried out the following tests in accordance with the ASTM standards:


– Xenon Arc Light Weathering Test 4500 hours | ASTM G155

– Tensile Properties of Plastics | ASTM D638

– Density of Smoke | ASTM E2843

– Rate and extent of burning | ASTM D635

– Self-ignition temperature of Plastics | ASTM D1929

STRATO® has been studied and developed for your security. This EVA interlayer represents, indeed, an element of added resistance to the glass plate. In case of broken glass, STRATO® helps avoid the dispersion of shards.

With STRATO®  it is possible to make blast-proof and bullet-proof. So, this EVA interlayer is particularly recommended as added security for commercial activities and homes.