The insertion of a structural interlayer between two foils of EVA STRATO™ brings strength, safety and security to the laminated glass.

With its stiffer formulation, laminates can withstand higher loads and impact strength without compromise.

The resulting product is the right solution for specific applications such as floors, stairs, balconies, balustrades, curtain wall and overhead glazing systems and essentially anywhere glass is needed to remain intact after breakage.

Adhesion of glass to the spall layer in bullet resistant glazing applications can also benefit from the use of a structural interlayer.

This laminated security glass could be used in areas of high risk or where the threat of fire-arms is prevalent.

As a result, the rigid interlayer panel will encapsulate exceedingly high velocity bullets without allowing penetration through the glass.

Depending on the level of protection you need, it will be necessary to choose the right interlayer that has to be assembled with STRATO™ EVA film.

You can also customise the laminated security glass choosing a particular colour (Bianco, Nero) or finishing (Extra Chiaro, Leggero, Satinato, Latte, Fresco).