100% MADE IN

STRATO® EVA interlayer is produced in Italy in the Satinal Group venue. Satinal is an Italian company present in the glass market since more than 20 years, allowing a fast answer to the market needs. The production site is the first ever made in Italy. The Italian production keeps the high standards required and makes STRATO® a top quality product, but Satinal can distribute this product even over the European borders. The company has recently opened two new branches in North and South America, in order to be near its clients outside Europe.

The Italian production has traditionally been characterised by the attention to detail. Made in Italy products have always been considered a synonym of excellence. As first EVA interlayers producer of our country, Satinal is committed to guarantee a top quality product.

Satinal, indeed, produces STRATO®, a new and innovative product in its numerous uses, addressed to Italian, European and International clients. The company is the only Italian manufacturer of a EVA interlayer product and aims to become a leader on this market. The Group meets a new need on the European market: the production of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) interlayer, a plastic polymer used for float glass lamination which can have a lot of applications.